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Women Native Americans And Barriers To VA Healthcare

In conjunction with Veterans Day/Month, the month of November is Native American Heritage Month as well. Many Native American Veterans, especially women veterans of the Native American community, often face systemic issues accessing healthcare at the VA. Further, the VA healthcare system historically has not made sufficient outreach efforts to engage Native American Veterans.

In this short video, Mary Ann Bullhead, Operation Iraqi Freedom, US Army and US Navy Veteran, shares her experiences contending with PTSD and obtaining healthcare support from the VA.

Navajo Military Women Veterans Share The Challenges They Face Living In Rural Areas, Difficulty Accessing VA Healthcare, And The Systemic Inequities They Contend With:

"I want to tell everyone we're here, we're just like everyone else, and we don't want to be left behind. They always say 'no soldiers left behind,' don't forget about me, don't forget about my sisters who served also." — Mary Ann Bullhead, Operation Iraqi Freedom, US Army and US Navy.

Resource Video: Mission Roll Call:

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