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Veterans and the Scourge of Invisible Illnesses...

In collaboration with BrainDagger Films, Veteran Voices For Fibromyalgia Team Members Anu Datta, Kristal Kent and Veteran Voices For Fibromyalgia Patriot Supporter, Brian Tally - Founder of Tuesdays with Tally Podcast teamed up to create a short film documentary called "Veterans and the Scourge of Invisible Illnesses." This short film documentary runs just under 12 minutes and was released March of 2023. This documentary is currently available to watch for free on YouTube! (Documentary YouTube link at bottom of page).

Narrated by Voice Over Artist and Actor Brian Stivale, this short film documentary highlights the struggles Veterans contend with living with invisible medical disabilities, and the unforeseen barriers they face obtaining healthcare, all the while battling societal stigmas living with invisible illnesses.

BrainDagger Films Co-Founder, Director and Producer Moe Taylor, is no stranger to the needs and frustrations Veterans face. Moe is a retired Navy Veteran and knows first-hand the barriers Veterans often face when attempting to access VA Healthcare and VA Benefits. In addition to its' film work, BrainDagger Films also provides nonprofit organizations and advocates their talent, collaborating with a collective of artists to promote mental health awareness, highlight the needs and struggles of underserved communities, and create films that focus on reality-based learning.

"Veterans and the Scourge of Invisible Illnesses" has already received a Diamond Award for Best Short Film Documentary presented by Mindfield International Film Festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, an Honorable Mention of Achievement Award for Best Web Series/TV Pilot presented by the Independent Shorts Awards in Los Angeles California, USA and nominated for Best Documentary Short by IndieX International Film Festival in Los Angeles, California, USA. In addition, "Veterans and the Scourge of Invisible Illnesses" has been "Officially Selected" to be screened at multiple international film festivals.

To learn more about BrainDagger Films, visit their website at: Professional Music & Video Production Costa Rica (

To learn more about the story concept of "Veterans and the Scourge of Invisible Illnesses," visit IMDb at: Veterans and the Scourge of Invisible Illness (Short 2023) - IMDb

To watch "Veterans and the Scourge of Invisible Illnesses" for free, visit YouTube at:

If you found this documentary to be informative, please leave a review of "Veterans and the Scourge of Invisible Illnesses" on YouTube at: or leave a review on IMDb at: Veterans and the Scourge of Invisible Illness (Short 2023) - IMDb

Written By: Kristal Kent, VVFF Founder and Team Member

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