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Updated: Nov 26, 2023

  Do you know someone who is living with chronic illness or chronic pain? Not sure what kind of holidays gifts to give them? Here are some holiday gift ideas, to support those you love, living with chronic illness and chronic pain:

  1. Gift cards for streaming services such as: Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, Sling TV, YouTube, etc. People with chronic illnesses and chronic pain often have flareup days where they’re stuck at home and even bedridden. Gift cards to streaming services provide entertainment and comfort, to those with chronic conditions, When their symptoms flareup. Also, many people with chronic medical conditions are often on a strict budget. So, gift cards to streaming services supports them financially as well.

  2. Gift cards for food delivery services such as: Instacart, Door Dash, Uber Eats, Butcher box, Blue Apron, Healthy Fresh etc. many times, it is very daunting physically and taxes a chronically ill person’s energy pennies going grocery shopping. Gift cards for food delivery services, not only supports a chronically ill persons’s budget, it also Supports the person with receiving their energy, and reduces the impact on their symptoms, because they do not have to physically go to the store, etc.

  3. Heated Fleece blankets, heating pads, and/or a neck wrap that can be heated up in a microwave or put in a freezer, etc. Often times, people living with chronic pain may find therapeutic heated and/or cold items help alleviate their pain.

  4. All Natural Pain Relieving products such as: Over the counter Lidocaine patches or Lidocaine cream, Topricin Pain Cream, all natural bath salts, tiger balm, Topricin FIBRO CREAM etc. Some people with chronic pain find these type of products helpful in alleviating some of their pain symptom. SIDE NOTE: gift cards for a massage, acupuncture, reiki, reflexology, chiropractic care, and/or pool therapy can be helpful in alleviating some pain for those living in chronic pain. HOWEVER, make sure these type of chronic pain alleviating services can be tolerated by your loved one living with chronic pain. Example: while some people living in chronic pain can tolerate massages, a massage may be physically intolerable or exasperate pain symptoms, for another person living in chronic pain.

  5. Gift cards for home cleaning services, lawn cutting services, snow plowing services, or dog walking services! This can be a money saving gift for the gift giver as well! Create home made holiday gift cards, where you offer to clean their home, mow their lawn/weed/rake leaves, shovel the driveway, or dog walking services for the person with chronic illness. Bonus Tip: this is a creative gift idea for children/teens to do for their loved one living with chronic illness.

  6. Gift cards for shopping such as: Amazon, Walmart, Target, Costco, Kohl’s etc. Not only does this gift idea support a chronically ill person’s budget, they can also shop online to purchase what they want/need, and have it delivered! ALSO, gift cards to their local gas station or gift cards to get an oil change for their vehicle is a good gift idea as well. If the chronically person in your life uses public transportation, a monthly or full year public transportation pass, is a thought idea as well!

  7. Does your chronically ill loved one have pets??? If so, gift cards to,,, etc., or a gift card for the local pet store is a useful gift idea.

  8. Sweat Pants outfits, pajamas, soft socks etc. are a great holiday gift idea. Some clothing material often triggers Allodynia, Neuropathy or severe itching in those with chronic illnesses. Many times, people with chronic pain often wear soft, buttonless and zipper free clothing. Matching sweat pants/sweatshirt outfits, fleece pajama sets, and/or soft fleece, bamboo or 100% cotton socks are the main stable of a chronically ill person’s wardrobe.

  9. Prepaid Visa or Mastercard gift cards: These type of gift cards allows a chronically person to purchase items they need, pay utility bills, pay medical bills, or pay for their prescriptions! Plus, they can buy something nice for themselves as well! This type of gift card supports the chronically ill person with meetimg some of their needs and wants.

  10. A great chronic illness cleaning gift idea would be a robot vacuum. Veteran Voices For Fibomyalgia founder, Kristal Kent, shares how a robot vacuum has been beneficial to her: "I personally have a robot vacuum, and it is the best chronic illness cleaning item I’ve purchased. Robot vacuums greatly range in prices. So shop around online for one. I found mine on sale on for 50% off. I’ve seen robot vacuums on sale from $60 - $150. For many chronically ill individuals, robot vacuums can be financially out of reach. However, if you’re able to afford a robot vacuum for your chronically ill loved one, they will definitely use it and fully appreciate it!"

VVFF hopes you find some of these chronic illness holiday gift ideas helpful! If you live with chronic illnesses, or chronic pain, comment below what holiday gift ideas that would help alleviate your chronic illness symptoms and chronic pain!

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