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Remembrance of D-Day

During World War II (1939-1945), the Battle of Normandy, which lasted from June 1944 to August 1944, resulted in the Allied liberation of Western Europe from Germany’s control.

Also known as D-Day, Code name “Operation Overlord,” the battle began on June 6, 1944, when approximately 156,000 American, British and Canadian forces landed on five beaches along a 50-mile stretch of the heavily fortified coast of France’s Normandy region.

This invasion was one of the largest amphibious military assaults in history and required extensive planning. Prior to D-Day, the Allies conducted a large-scale deception campaign designed to mislead the Germans about the intended invasion target.

On D-Day, A Paratroopers risk of being killed in action was about 75%. On June 6th, 1944,

4,414 American Military Service Members were killed in action, and an additional almost 5,000 allied troops, were also killed on D-Day.

Let Us Not Forget!

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