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In 2021, Veteran Voices For Fibromyalgia (VVFF) teamed up with The Fibromyalgia Pain Chronicles (TFPC) to address the systemic issues and antiquated information about Fibromyalgia on tax funded medical websites such as the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) and National Institutes of Health (NIH).

To better address the out of date information on these websites on a National level, VVFF and TFPC created a petition, so individuals living with Fibromyalgia, their care givers, family, friends and supporters can lend their voice (or signature in this case) to actionable change benefitting the Fibromyalgia Community! This petition outlines all the updated information on Fibromyalgia related research and statistics and explains the reasons for much needed updates about Fibromyalgia on these websites.

Advocacy comes in many forms, including simple, yet proactive actions, to emote positive change. By signing this petition, your signature supports our community in an actionable and tangible way. Please take 30 seconds to have your voices heard and sign the Fibromyalgia Advocacy Petition. Every signature generates an email which is sent directly to the CDC and NIH! Thank you in advance for your support! Link to sign the petition is below.

Fibromyalgia Advocacy Petition Link:

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