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Fibromyalgia and Brain Fog: Please Excuse Me... I'm Having Technical Difficulties...

Please Stand By, I Am Having Technical Difficulties.... 🤔🧠

Chronic Fatigue and Chronic Pain are constant companions of Fibromyalgia. Brain Fog can be very debilitating, from being unable to fully express ourselves appropriately, or forgetting words etc. It's often difficult for people to explain what Brain Fog is like, and how it impacts our abilities to articulate, socialize and effectively work. In her own words, VVFF Team Member Kristal Kent, wrote this piece to help explain what it is like living with Brain Fog.

While all the symptoms of Fibromyalgia are debilitating, I find Brain Fog to be the most frustrating. When I talk, sometimes it’s like a word salad. I’m saying words out of order in sentences, typing words backwards, dropping words from sentences/speech or completely using the wrong words. For those who do not contend with or understand Brain Fog, the best way I can explain it is like this:

When you have Brain Fog, it is like you are observing, listening, interpreting and responding to the world around you through an opaque film. While at times we can make out images, read information or hear something said to us, we cannot always see, read or hear the details.

While “normal” people are given the full manuscript for their brain on how to interpret and respond to the world around, people who suffer from Brain Fog are only given the cliff notes version on how to interpret and respond to the world around them.

It is no easy feat contending with the Brain Fog of Fibromyalgia, then add in all of the other symptoms of FM, and it is a dog gone miracle that people with Fibromyalgia can function at all. If you know someone contending with Brain Fog, please be kind, patient and supportive. As frustrating as it may be to follow what a person is saying, it's more frustrating for the person with Brain Fog, who is fighting to effectively communicate.

Written By VVFF Team Member, Kristal Kent

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