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Areas of Exposure to Burn Pit Toxins Expanded to Include Egypt and Syria

A New Legislative Act, hosting several bills benefitting Veterans called the Veterans Provisions in the "National Defense Authorization Act" was passed and enacted December 27th, 2021, and goes into effect, Fiscal Year for 2022.

While there are many sections of this Act which positively impact Veterans, one provision of this Act in particular, expands the regional areas for exposure to Burn Pit Toxins. Until this Legislative Act was passed, identified regions for potential Burn Pit Exposure was limited to those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Section 6602 of the Veterans Provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act expands the scope of the VA Open Burn Pit Registry to include open burn pits exposure in Egypt and Syria.

The VA’s Burn Pit and Airborne Hazards registry will now also recognize Egypt and Syria, along with Afghanistan and Iraq, as locations that had active burn pits.

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